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1. All dogs over 6 months of age must be desexed.

2.  Dogs C5 immunisations must be up to date

3.  Kate reserves the right to treat ticks or fleas if dogs present

with these parasites. The owner agrees to meet the full cost of

this treatment if it becomes necessary during the dog's stay.

4.  The owner gives permission for Kate to seek veterinary

treatment for their dog if required during the owner's absence.

The owner agrees to pay in full for any such vet treatment.

5.  Prices include breakfast, snacks and dinner. Prices do not

include special dietary needs, or pickup and delivery. These may

incur extra charges.

6. Kate aims to provide a calm and loving environment for her

doggy clients and reserves the right to refuse home care if dogs

are not of an appropriate nature or temperament.

7.   The owner agrees to disclose any behavioural issues prior to

booking his or her dog in to home care

8.  Kate looks after all dogs with the same care and attention as she does her own dogs, however the owner acknowledges that there are risks associated with this kind of care, including but not limited to injuries, prickles, rashes, communicable diseases, split pads and dogs running off during walkies. The owner indeminifies Kate's Waggy Tails and Kate Beauchamp against all costs, claims and damages arising directly or indirectly from any act of the Owner's dog whilst in Kate's Waggy Tails care. 9. In the case of a dog causing damage through chewing or ripping up of items, or any other means whilst in Kate's home, the owner agrees to meet the cost of replacing these items. 10. In the case of a dog causing injury or death to other dogs under Kate's care, the owner agrees to pay in full for any associated costs and vet bills. 11. In the event that an owner refuses to co llect their dog at the end of its say, the dog will be rehomed at Kate's discretion. 12. The owner agrees to pay the full boarding fee at the commencement of the dog's stay.

Home Dog Minding - Terms & Conditions


For the safety and well-being of all dogs under

Kate’s care, the following rules apply


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