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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to wash my dog?

It all depends on your dog. A simple wash, dry and a nail clip might take around 30 minutes. If you have a dog with extremely matted fur, you could be looking at a session of three hours. What happens once my dog gets in there? Kate will spend some time playing with your dog and getting to know its personality. Once she has the dog's trust, the dog is carefully washed, given a relaxing massage, its ears are cleaned, its face is wiped, it is towelled dry and then blowdried. Its nails will be trimmed too. Then, if you require grooming, the dog is trimmed using clippers. Will the shampoo irritate my dog’s skin? All Kate's products should be quite soothing to a dog's skin. All are 100% natural, soap-free and environmentally friendly. How often should I bring my dog to get a bath? A dog's skin can dry out if bathed too often. Dogs can be bathed every two weeks or so. My dog’s fur is very matted. Can you get all the knots out? Kate takes a lot of care with tangled dog fur and applies dog conditioners to make the job easier. However there will still be some dogs whose fur is just too tangled to be able to brush out the knots. In this case, the only solution will be a close clip. Does the soap get in their eyes? Kate tries to avoid shampoo in the eyes at all costs. Fortunately if the dogs do splash around a lot, the products are low-irritant.   My dog is a biter. Can you bath him? Please let Kate know if your dog is likely to become snappy during bath time. There is no problem with bathing a nippy dog, however a muzzle will have to be worn for Kate's safety. You may be asked to help attach the muzzle. My dog’s nails are black in colour. Can you clip them if you can’t see the blood vessels? It just means the job will have to be done more carefully so that  blood vessels are not accidentally snipped. How can I stop my dog from getting stinky again? Wash all your dog's bedding, and if your dog also wears a jacket it's a good idea to give that a good wash too. Also avoid overheating your dog - a panting dog in a hot corner quickly  brings back that 'doggy' smell. Is the water warm? Yes. What if my dog has been rolling in something dead? Aren't you the lucky one? That's exactly why you need to call Kate. She will take the problem off your hands and deliver you back a clean dog with an extra spray of cologne at the end!It just means the job will have to be done more carefully so that  blood vessels are not accidentally snipped.